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Reblog if you’d care if I killed myself

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Reblog if you’re STILL in the bechloe fandom


A recent post got me thinking. It’s been a year since Pitch perfect came out and introduced us to the one the best ships ever! So i’m curious…A year later. How many people are still in the fandom? 

Straight up reblog so everyone can see. Don’t Like, just reblog so we can get a true count!

Anonymous Question:
R U still alive?

I’m here ✌️ sorry

gettoknowlittlemix Question:
Do u write one shots anymore?

Not at the moment because I’m really busy with exams but hopefully soon xxxx

hello-1234 Question:
can ihave the link to your fics, I remember your writing got me into fics. You are an amazing writer!

They are on a page on my account if you want to read them :) thank you very much x

Anonymous Question:
What did you think about the "lerrie" kiss the night little mix won the x-factor?xxx

Amazing aw 🙊

Anonymous Question:
Ever have any of them days were you hate everyone and every thing, that's my life everyday, I have no friends people don't like me don't want to be around me, some days I cut, some days not, I get bullied like nothing normal, it gets so bad that some days I just want to Crawl in a ball and die. I need help please

I do have then days a lot and I fact I know someone who self harms and I’ve tried helping her and she’s okay now that she’s speaking to people about it, I can be here for you if you want too, stay strong bc you are amazing x 😘

Anonymous Question:
U r never on nomore :(

I’m back now if anyone cares?? :( xxxx

Anonymous Question:
When are you gonna write a new jerrie fanfic?

Not sure sorry :( xxxx